Olivet Community Church
Sunday, October 21, 2018
Transforming our Community
As we begin this advent season, we will be looking at the second chapter of Philippians to try and wrap our minds and hearts around the amazing love of God poured out on us through the incarnation - a big word which simply means "God becoming flesh." I want to encourage you to continue to be very intentional in breaking the grip of the marketplace on this holy season - to refuse to believe the lie of our culture that the only way to communicate love is by burying each other in "things." God so love the world that He gave - but HE didn't give presents, He gave presence. Be present for God, for your loved ones, for those who don't yet know Him and especially for yourself this Christmas. Give, but give of yourself and your God-given creativity and watch for opportunities to triple-bless: to bless others, yourself and the poor this holy season.