Olivet Community Church
Sunday, October 21, 2018
Transforming our Community
We’re beginning a new series called “Jesus for President.” “JESUS FOR PRESIDENT?!!” you may be thinking, “are you trying to mix religion and politics? Are you trying to tell me how to vote?” Or more likely you may be thinking “Why would Jesus take such a demotion? From King of Kings and Lord of Lords to President of the United States? Really?”
We find ourselves these days in the thick of the campaign season where people who would be “kings” or at least “princes” in the land seek your vote with all kinds of promises to heal our land, restore our jobs, increase our wealth and possibly cure our bad breath. But can they really bring these things about? Can these “princes” solve our nation’s problems?
We’ve already seen from 2 Chronicles 7:14 that God doesn’t look to political messiahs to deliver His people. He will heal our land when his people–not the Republicans, not the Democrats or Independents– when we who are His people humble ourselves and pray. He will hear, and forgive and heal our land when we seek His face and turn from our wicked ways.
In other words, there is a Messiah who can lead us in righteousness and justice to be a blessed nation, a city on a hill which will shed Light to the nations. And He has a platform– a proposal of how we can live in such a way that everyone and every nation is blessed and everyone prospers. It’s just that His name isn’t Barack or Mitt or even Ron! His name is Jesus and His manifesto is the singular greatest teaching the world has ever known. Get out and take advantage of your extreme privilege and vote your conscience this election season! But let’s not look for political or certainly military solutions. Let’s put God’s Word into practice and let peace begin with us! You can prepare for worship this morning by reading Matthew 5:1-2, 13-16.
Sample Copy: Jesus said “While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” (John 9:5). And then He made an astounding statement that reveals His amazing plan for advancing His kingdom– He said “You are the light of the world!” In other words, His strategy for the welfare of His precious creation is to shed His light through us!
The platform for this “would be king” of our lives is to invest in us and spread abroad His message through us. Sounds like a great strategy doesn’t it? A sort of “grassroots” movement to get His message out and bring about needed “change?” Perhaps He could identify key respected leaders or even popular celebrities and start with them! Maybe he could utilize the media to create a “new normal?”
As we’ll see in Matthew 5:1-12 Jesus did none of these things. What He did do was entrust His light to broken, grieving, humble people who the world would despise but in whom His Father would delight. In other words, Jesus is entrusting His Kingdom to people just like us. But what kind of life can God use? Even bless? As always His Word gives us incredible insights.