Olivet Community Church
Sunday, May 27, 2018
Transforming our Community

Our Purpose & Vision

Our Purpose

To Love God

 in the attitude of our hearts and the offering of our bodies as living sacrifices

To Love People

 through the enlisting, equipping and enabling of our membership through discipleship for the service of God by outreach beyond our walls to the needs of those around us, and throughout the world

Our Vision

We Envision A Future Where Every Member of Olivet…
1. Honors Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
Christ calls us to live life from the inside out, to be the same on the outside as we are on the inside. We at Olivet desire to live a life of integrity.
2. Builds Relationships of Integrity with Non-Believers
Each of us is called to model integrity in his/her relationship with others. We seek not only to grow in our relationship with Christ, but to cultivate authentic relationships with others in which to share Christ.
3. Shares Their Faith Verbally
We desire not only to model Christian life but to communicate it effectively to others as the Holy Spirit provides opportunity.
4. Commits Themselves to the Worship Community
There is a spiritual dynamic which can only take place when the Body of Christ is gathered for worship and teaching. We want to make a commitment to being present as often as possible when the Body of Christ is gathered.
5. Commits Themselves to a Small Group
Effective growth and accountability can only take place in smaller, more intimate environments where everyone knows and trusts each other. Whether it is a Sunday morning New Community or an evening Bible study in a private home, we want to place ourselves in an environment where growth can occur.
6. Discovers and Uses Their Spiritual Gifts
We believe that God has uniquely blessed every individual with passions, talents and spiritual gifts which can most effectively be used in the context of Christian community. We encourage every member to discover and employ his/her unique ministry within the Body of Christ.
7. Gives Himself/Herself Away
We believe that it is impossible to out-give God. By faith we freely give of our time, our talents and our treasure to honor the Lord Jesus Christ and to further His kingdom.