Olivet Community Church
Sunday, October 21, 2018
Transforming our Community

As the summer ends and we gear up for the fall I want to especially invite you to consider joining us for the many special opportunities we have to become More. Like Christ. At Olivet we believe that we are being transformed  moment by moment and day by day into the very image of Christ, and that God has set apart divine appointments for you daily where He is charging you to re-present the life and message of Jesus to a world that desperately needs to hear it. 

Watching a pre-season professional football game this week (I know, but I was desperate!) I was reminded of how easy it is to lose track of the fundamentals, to forget the basic plan, to lose the patterns and practices that enable us to accomplish something greater than ourselves–in the case of a team to win the game, but for us as followers of Christ the ability to bring glory to God and to advance His  kingdom! In the paraphrased words of John Wooden, sometimes we need to be reminded what is the goal, where is the field and who is the winning team!

To that end, we’re beginning a new worship series this morning on three aspects of the fundamental message of Christ’s gospel: His Glory, His Grace and His truth. My prayer is that you will feel the calling of the Holy Spirit, that you will discover that “missing piece” of the puzzle that will enable you to catch a glimpse of God’s perspective on your amazing life, and, feeling the satisfaction that comes from experiencing His pleasure, you might boldly step into His perfect will for your life!